We specialize in custom landscape design and have been serving the Three Village area since 1990.

Our goal, depending upon the project and available terrain characteristics, is to maximize space, enhance the physical function of the property and create a pleasing visual aesthetic. This may include custom cedar archways, pergolas, arbors, rock walls, walkways, patios and, water features, i.e. ponds or fountains. Please click on our Web Photo Gallery to see our portfolio of projects.

Our designs compliment both the flow of the land and the unique structure of your house on that land. We offer complete landscape renovations and installations with an emphasis on grading for both visual enhancement and effective drainage..

Setauket Landscape uses predominately natural stone for our walls, walkways and patios. We also work in conjunction with Paula Manchester, a local horticulturist. She adds a wealth of expertise and planting opportunities for our clients. Her assistance and years of experience assure the proper selection and placement of specimen(s) for this area and their specific planting location on your property.

Ultimately, our designs offer a traditional and historic flair, evoking a visual and physical subtlety complimenting a strong feeling of permanence with materials indigenous to this area.

Call to make an appointment for a free consultation. We will help assess your landscape needs.